Red Wine  El Jefe de la Tribu
Red Wine  El Jefe de la Tribu
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Red Wine El Jefe de la Tribu

  50% National Touringa y 50% Marselan  

Place Name   Valencia

El Jefe de la Tribu is a tribute to all the people who after four generations have worked at the house of Viveros Cambra.



92 Points Peñín 2019

75 cl. Bottle

18,39 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description

Making and Ageing

Our vineyards best choice. A havest selected using 15 kilograms crates, maceration and fermentation in french oak new barrels for 16 months. Rocky ground poor in organic material.

One vine is necessary to make a bottle, berries are small and aromas concentrated.

A natural wine worked on its lees.


Ambitious, complex, ripeness of the grapes is wanted.

A wine with its own personality, round in mouth and lasting.

It is recommended to decant it.

Alcoholic Content


Drinking Temperature