White Wine Marsilea Gewürztraminer 1
White Wine Marsilea Gewürztraminer 2
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Vino ecológico

White Wine Marsilea Gewürztraminer

  100 %  Gewürztraminer

Place Name     Sinarcas,    Utiel - Requena

Not a tipical wine, very advisible, to discover the variety in other latitudes.. a wine that will surprise !!!

In the back label you will read : "I devote these bottles to all those who didn't believe in this project, the wine they contain to those who did".

75 cl Bottle                                                                    !! Minimum Order 2 Units ¡¡

8,50 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description


Beautiful golden colour of the wine, not clean at all, a bit cloudy and dull, even so glossy, which makes us think in its natural making which sometimes opts for less aggressive treatments of the wine as there are ones that produce a nice product but aromas and flavours are missing… certain glosses with tones which remember fluorescent yellow and green colours.

In nose the wine is an explosion of tropical fruits, among them highlights banana, a touch of sugar and an amazing explosion of aromas. The variety of the grape has been driven to its most in order to boost its properties.

In mouth the banana and the tropical fruits come back , very fruity, mild greedy glimpses but not sweet at all, with a lasting end with a small bitter touch which makes the flavour to last for long at the palate.

Alcoholic Content

  13 %

Drinking Temperature