Cookies Policy

a) Use of Cookies and Web Bugs by
b) Typology, purpose and performance of the Cookies
c) How to disable Cookies and Web Bugs in main web browsers
d) What happens if Cookies are disabled

a) Use of Cookies and Web Bugs by

This web uses "Cookies" and other similar ways (from now on Cookies). The Cookies are files sent by a browser by means of a web server in order to register the activities of the user in a particular web or in all webs, apps and services of of the site (from now on Services). The ultimate goal of the Cookies if to ease the User a faster access to the different Services of this site. Furthermore, the Cookies are used to track the long process of buy in order to improve the experience of the user.

This website uses the Cookies to customize and ease to the most the browsing of the User. The Cookies are associated just to one anonymous User and his computer, not providing references that could deliver personal data of the User. The User will be able to customize his browser with the aim to notify and reject the installation of the Cookies sent by this website without jeopardizing the access to the Contents. Nevertheless, we notice that the performance of the website and the access to some Services could be affected and so not be available.

Registered or logged Users will take advantage of more personalized and customer-orientated Services thanks to the combination of data stored in the Cookies and personal data used at the moment of their registration. Such Users specifically give consent to the use of such information with the mentioned intention, without prejudice of their right to reject or disable the use of the Cookies.

This website also uses Web Bugs which are tiny and transparent images inserted in emails. When the User opens an email the image is downloaded together with the rest of the content and allows to know if the email has been opened as well as the IP from which has been downloaded. This website can make use of this information in order to obtain statistics and is able to carry out analytics about the reception of emails by the Users.

Own cookies used on this web :

-osCsid : used to keep the session open with the server.

-avisopc : used to show the warning about cookies policy.

b) Typology, finality and functioning of the Cookies :

According to its permanence the Cookies are divided in Cookies of session and permanents. The first ones expire when the User closes the browser. The second ones expire according to the moment in which its target is achieved or they are removed manually.

Additionally, according to its target, the Cookies can be classified as :

PERFORMANCE COOKIES : this type remembers preferences for tools which are found in the Services so it is not necessary to configure the Service every time you visit. For instance, in this typology are included :

    •    Volume settings for audio or video players.
    •    Video transmisión speed compatible with the browser.
    •    Items saved in the basket in E-Commerce Services such as shops.

GEOLOCATION COOKIES : These Cookies are used to know the country from where the Service is requested. This Cookie is completely anonymous and is just used with the aim to help orientate the content to your location.

REGISTRATION COOKIES : Registration Cookies are generated every time the User is registered and their session has been open afterwards. They are used to identify the User for the Services with the following goals :

  • Keep the User identified in such a way that if a Service is closed the browser or the PC another day or in another moment can use the Service without registering making easy the browsing. This function can be removed if the User choose "close session". This way the Cookie is removed and next time the Service is used the User will have to register.
  • To Check if the User is authorized to access to certain Services e.g. to participate in a quiz.

In addition certain Services can use connectors to Social Networks as Facebook or Twitter. When the User registers in a Service with credential of a Social Network, authorizes such network to save a persistent Cookie which remembers their identity and warranties the access to the Services up to the moment they expire. The User can delete this Cookie and cancel the access to the Services through Social Networks updating their preferences in the specified network.

ANALYTICAL COOKIES : every time the User visits a Service, a tool of an outsider provider (Google Analytics) generates an analytical  Cookie in the PC of the User. This Cookie that is just generated because of the visit, will be useful in the following visits to the Services of this website to identify in an anonymous way the guest. The main goals that are pursued :

  • To allow the anonymous identification of the online Users by the Cookie (identifies browsers and devices, not people) and so the estimated accounting of the number of visitors and their trend along the time.
  • To identify in an anonymous way the more visited contents and so the more attractive ones for the Users.
  • To know if the accessing User is new or is repeating the visit.

Important : except the User decides to register on this web, the "Cookie" will never be associated to any datum of personal character which can identify them. Such Cookies    will be used just with statistical purposes which help to improve the experience of the Users on the site.

More information about the privacy policy of these tools at :

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a Google's web analysis free tool which mainly allows the owners of the websites to know how interact the users with their website. Furthermore it enables at the domain of the site in which you are and uses a set of cookies named "__utma" and "__utmz" in order to collect information anonymously and then make reports of trends of websites without identify individual users. More information about the Cookies of Google Analytics and information about privacy here.

c) How to disable the Cookies and the Web Bugs in the main browsers :

It is normally possible to reject the Cookies of the browser or the Cookies of a particular Service.
All modern browsers allow to change the settings of the Cookies. These settings are normally found in the "Options" or "Preferences" of the menu of your browser. Likewise you can set your browser or your email client as well as to install free complements in order to avoid Web Bugs being downloaded when an email is opened.

This website offers orientation to the User about the steps to access to the settings menu of the Cookies and, in their case, of the private browsing in each one of the main browsers :

  • Internet Explorer: Tools -> Internet Options -> Privacy -> Settings
    For more information you can visit Microsoft's Support or browser's Help.
  • Firefox: Tools -> Options -> Privacy -> History -> Personal Settings
    For more information you can visit Mozilla's Support or browser's Help.
  • Chrome: Settings -> Show Advanced Options -> Privacy -> Content Settings . For more information you can visit Google's Support or browser's Help.
  • Safari: Preferences -> Security.
    For more information you can visit Apple's Support or browser's Help.

d) What happens if the Cookies are disabled:

Some functions of the Services will be disabled for example in case of staying identified, to keep the buy on the basket in an e-commerce Service, to receive information addressed to your location or the display of some videos.


This website can modify the Cookies Policy according to legal or regulatory requirements or with the finality of adapting such policy to the instructions given by the Data Protection Spanish Agency. That is why we recommend the Users to regularly visit this section.

When important changes take place in this Cookies Policy, the Users will be informed by email (if they are registered) or through the website.