Red Wine La LLave Roja 2018
Red Wine La LLave Roja 2018
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Red Wine La LLave Roja 2018

90% Tempranillo, 10% Syrah 

Place Name   IGP Vinos de La Tierra de Extremadura

A sensational young red wine for any occasion.

75 cl. Bottle                                                         !! Minimum Order 3 Units ¡¡

5,14 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description


“I remember being a child during the long and warm extremeños summers, where I used to wake up very early in the morning. My first glances was always at the winery key. IF THE RED KEY was not in place I knew what it meant : my father was already at the winery. After a fast breakfast and before the complains of my mother, I got my bicycle and in some minutes time I was riding and playing in the winery. So The Red Key represents to me the first memories of the winery during the summers of my childhood.” Carlos Plaza Uñac.

Making and Ageing

Harvest took place the second week of August. After the manual harvesting of grapes, these are taken to the winery in no less than two hours. Because of the high temperatures that are registered at Extremadura, it is no rare to carry out the harvest overnight. The two varieties are separately fermented.


Visually, an intense cherry red colour wine with with violet rims. Clean, brilliant. At the smelling stage, expressive and aromatic nose, red fruit aromas, violets and sweets. Tasting it, fresh grass pleasant notes, liquorice and mint. Fresh aftertaste. Soft, a little acid and no astringent.


Tapas, sausages, cold meat, soft cheese and patés. Pasta, pizza and vegetables.

Alcoholic Content


Drinking Temperature

   12º - 14º

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