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Vino ecológico

Red Wine Sincronia

  Callet, Mantonegro, Cabernet S., Merlot y Syrah

Place Name   Mallorca Pla i Llevant

Wines with character, young and fresh.


Bárbara Mesquida : “We can’t face away from earth. I believe in the power of Mallorca and it’s crystal clear that making wine creates life”. I was born among vineyards. I have learned that coincidences don’t exist, just causalities, we live synchronized. While searching a new sòtil and trispol I decided to start up a new way : Mesquida Mora, because the coincidences of life are just the peak of the iceberg called destiny.

75 cl Bottle

9,62 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description


Making and Ageing

The varieties used callet, montenegro mostly, merlot and syrah are the ones that produce this wine, which made under the rules of biodynamics tries to balance the ecosystem, protecting and empowering the biological diversity in order to express the power, vigor and authenticity of the vineyard.

Vintage has taken 4 months in French and American oak barrels of second and third year.


Intense and brilliant pillory colour.

Very juicy aromas of forest fruits, agreeably sweet, pure and fresh, completed by floral, earthy and mineral notes of Indian ink which remembers us some Priorat County wine.

In mouth is a red one with a good structure, with character and a background of new wood (neither toasts nor vanillas, just new and clean wood).

In conclusion, a fruity wine of remarkable presence.


Red and white meat, pasta and tombet.

Alcoholic Content


Drinking Temperature

  15º-17º C