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White Wine Alto Cuevas

  100% Macabeo

Place Name  Utiel - Requena


               White wine easy to drink, refreshing and very pleasant.

75 cl Bottle

4,90 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description


This young white wine has been made with a selection of grapes of the Macabeo variety.


A very, very pale straw yellow wine. Steel. Impeccable clean, brilliant, crystalline, well presented. Fine layer with light green sparkles.

Clean aroma without faults of good intensity. Notes of seed fruit prevail, apple, together with floral notes of white flowers. Fresh grass background. Medium intensity of a fresh and pleasant aroma.

The wine is found light in mouth, watery, with a some greedy entrance at first. It is an easy wine to drink and refreshing. It has a carbonic point which provides life and freshness. Very balanced acidity with no excesses and well measured. Apple aromas and white flours retro-olfaction but with a low persistence. This is a wine of short length which asks for another drink. Very pleasant.


Ideal to accompany snacks, fish, seafood and rice.

Alcoholic Content


Drinking Temperature

   8º - 12º