Red Wine Marsilea Fusion
Red Wine Marsilea Fusion
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Vino ecológico

Red Wine Marsilea Fusion

   Syrah, Merlot, Bobal y Tempranillo

 Geographic Area        Sinarcas,    Utiel - Requena

A blend of four red varieties : Syrah, Merlot, Bobal and Tempranillo.The Merlot has contributed its complex structure. The Syrah its intense purple colour. The Bobal acidity and liveliness. The Tempranillo its strong personality.

"An interesting wine, it's worth knowing it". A very right fusion.

7,90 €/unit
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Detailed description


A nice, clean and brilliant high layer garnet-red cherry red colour.

Very intense in nose, red fruit appears, balsamic notes and spicy touches. Herbaceous touches can also be found.

Powerful but with an easy pallate, edges are missing so tanines are quite polished, right acidity and an average journey. Pairs fine with lunch without an excessive domain. 


Alcoholic Content

  14 %