Red Wine Vinya Alfori
Red Wine Vinya Alfori
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Vino ecológico

Red Wine Vinya Alfori

   100% Monastrell


A wine with its own style and the soul of the Alforins

A wine of quality, organic agriculture and handmade making


75 cl Bottle

9,80 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description

Did you know that…

The initial construction of the winery goes back to XVIII century and now, with a renovated premises, it continues making the wines in the same way but with the experience to pair the right balance between the oenology process of yesterday and today.


The property, Call Peller, has a mediterranean-continental climate, it is, of transition between the most humid mediterranean of the coast and the inland castellana plain. Summers are hot and dry while winters cold and wtith the typical humidity of the Mediterranean and a mean temperature of 14ºC. Rainfall pattern is slightly above 400 mm/y mad mean hight is 650 metres above sea level. Texture of soil is frank-sandy with gravel, little depth and fertility. Such characteristics allow us to produce grapes with very particular characteristics. 

The main variety in the property is the Monastrell. Five plots of land count on it using both the system of goblet pruning and espalier. The range of age is between 25 and 60 years old. With respect to white grape we have a Macabeo plot of land.

Making and Ageing

The wine Vinya Alfori looks for the utmost respect of the characteristics and particularities of the land as well as the authenticity of the so much appreciated Monastrell.

Fermentation takes place in small open tanks and a later ageing of 14 months inside concrete tanks and French oak vats.


A wine with an aromatic complexity like red fruits, compote and roasts. 
In mouth is fresh, with greedy tannins and a long persistence. 

Alcohol Content


Drinking Temperature

  16º - 18º