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Red wine Bobal Negro


  100% Bobal

Place Name          Utiel - Requena

"It is a wine with great complexity, great to enjoy now, although in turn these features will keep it at a great level for many years. It is a red wine that through careful practices in the vineyard achieves a great concentration".

75 cl. Bottle

13,50 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description

Vineyard, Making and Ageing

This red wine has been made using a selection of Bobal grapes from vineyards within the upper Utiel Requena region. It has been harvested during the middle of October with yields of under 1 k per vine. Pre-fermentation maceration is carried out at 3º C for a period of four days while it is fermented at 26º C before it remains as pulp for a further ten days. 50% of the wine undergoes malolactic fermentation coated in lightly roasted 12 months in French oak.


This wine has an intense red colour and purple rim. 

Aromas of rich red fruits and English caramel with slight smoky notes. 

On the palate it well rounded and full, finishing with light notes of oak from its barrel ageing.

Alcoholic Content


Drinking Temperature

 16º - 18º