Rosé Wine Bobal de Sanjuan
Rosé Wine Bobal de Sanjuan
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Rosé Wine Bobal de Sanjuan

       100% Bobal 

Place Name   Utiel - Requena

Bobal de San Juan is born from the illusion to create a variety capable of prestige to the bobal grape, the variety that there was the recognition and the reputation it deserves.

The fifth generation of the Valsangiacomo family together with Bruno Murciano, Jean Marc Lafage and Modesto Frances assumed the challenge of creating a Wine that expresses the Bobal tipicity to international markets.

!! Discover this challenge, the greatness of Bobal's pinks ¡¡

"This rosé wine is a way for those who ask for a beer to undertake the change and move on to beauty. From the color, to entertain with its floral aromas and soft red fruit and end up in the mouth eating a strawberry or that It's all a rosy wine, and it's a certainty. "

75 cl. Bottle

5,57 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description


A slight beautiful, intense and raspberry colour.
Fruity aromas of acid strawberry and raspberry stnad out, with some exotic hints of banana, caramelized apple and a background of fresh fenel and other aromatic herbs.
Refreshing in the mouth, with red fruit, acid strawberry, red cherry and wild raspberry. An elegant, fineand sweetness taste by the refreshing natural acidity that gives a persistent, fresh and long finish.

Alcohol Content


Drinking Temperature