Red Wine  Marsilea Premier
Red Wine  Marsilea Premier
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Vino ecológico

Red Wine Marsilea Premier

   100% Bobal

 Geografical area        Sinarcas,    Utiel - Requena

 75 cl. Bottle

5,90 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description


We are before an organic wine made with the bobal variety. It is a ideal for diving into the secrets of this variety or enjoying it if we already know it. A short stay in barrel, just three months, gives it toasted nuances which refines it.


Bright cherry colour, medium layer and nice purple rim.

In nose shows a wild flowers aroma and certain mineral notes which are characteristic of the place and soil.

In mouth is overwhelming and greedy. It hides some bitterness on the palate and shows a long and persistent aftertaste.

Best short ventilation before drinking.