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Vino ecológico

Rosé Wine Flor de Ahillas


 Bobal, Monastrell y Garnacha

Place Name         With No Place Name

                     A Rosé with a Great Aromatic Complexity !!

                              Made with Great Skill !!

 75cl Bottle                                                                 !! Minimum Order 2 Units ¡¡


9,25 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description


The entrance of the grape happens at dawn taking advantage of the coldest time of the day. Harvested in crates of just 15 Kg. Dry ice is used to make the wine in order to prevent the rusting of the colour and aromatic lost.

Fermentation maceration is carried out for 24 hours at 4ºC. Temperatures of fermentation are about 15ºC which allow to lengthen the fermentation in time and preserve aromas.

An active ageing on lees is finally developed for 30 days. Aftertaste is intense and unusual for a rosé. It suggests a good harmony and invites to have a new tasting.


Just seeing the wine through the bottle, the colour invites us to taste it. Once in cup we see its slow tear and its vivid rose colour.

In the smelling phase strawberry and very sweet peach aromas with memories to caramel highlight.

We appreciate a powerful acidity and freshness in mouth and it continues having slight sweet and astringent points at the same time.

Alcoholic Content


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