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Orange Liqueur Carmeleta Damita

Liquor de Naranja CARMELETA revolutionizes and combines different techniques of the Mediterranean, distillation, infusion and maceration.

In its process the addition of water does not intervene at any time nor the incorporation of added sugar and here lies its secret that of unveiling would cease to be secret, but by way of brushstroke it conjugates of equal way the grape and the orange, a raw material so Autochthonous and so separate from our way of understanding our gastronomy.

A very Valencian liquor that defines the essence of our land.

Bottle  20 cl.                                                              !! Minimum Order 3 Units ¡¡

7,75 €/unit
TAXES included

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Did you know that…

Where does CARMELETA come from? The orange liqueur Carmeleta was born on a table top, more than a decade ago, by the sea and surrounded by orange trees, as it could not be otherwise. In Valencia the best things are born in a table, those that stretch until the sunset. How to connect those desserts as a family? The love for the spirits of Javier Peiró, creator of that project, with the daring to experiment and play with the ingredients gave with this formula that improved over time give with a balanced liquor that leaves the botanists incorporated to the processes with the Grape and orange. Another singularity is that each lot will be unique, its particularity is that it is a living liquor so that each lot manufactured can have peculiar sensations for the vintage or botanists and that makes it unique and for your samples will be numbered.

Carmeleta is an ideal liqueur to drink alone, very cold, in desserts or as an aperitif. Accompanied by ice and a slice of orange. Its scarce 16º make of Carmeleta an ideal product to combine with cavas and sparkling wines turning it into an aromatic frizzante or as a base for the best cocktails combining with Ginseng, Pisco or other creations. Marida in Desserts with sweets and Chocolates which give it a unique product to create in kitchen with Plates to which they want to give a fresh and Mediterranean touch.

Who is Carmeleta and why his name? We thought that a liquor like ours, with so much polyvalence and personality should carry the name of a woman, not just any woman, but the one that gathered the whole family around a table, grandmother and mother and think of Carmen, the Grandmother of Noema Ortí and partner of this project, Carmeleta, as they called it in family was one of arms take, no one rose or no one sat without his complacency, endearing and energetic, with unique personality. In its name "imbibed" is the honey (Car-mel-eta). And Carmeleta is Our name, Our Brand and Our Liquor arrives with the intention of staying.

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