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The End Ice Wine

    70% Sauvignon Blanc, 15% Chardonnay and 15% Macabeo


Sweet white wine deliciously fruity, concentrated and light for desserts or certain starters.

50 cl Bottle

15,25 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description


The grapes are frozen at -22°C for 15 days. Pneumatic pressing of the frozen grapes, obtaining 35% of the first must. Decanting-cleaning by gravity. Fermentation at 16°C to 12% vol. alcohol and about 80-90 grs. residual sugar. Fermentation is cold- stopped.

Tasting Notes

Bright, golden yellow color, fresh fruit scents (pineapple, passion fruit, citrus) with notes of white flowers against a sweet backdrop (pear compote). Soft on the palate, well-balanced sweetness and refreshing acidity.

Alcohol Content


Drinking Temperature