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Agua de València

Cocktail natural a base de zumo de naranja, vino espumoso y licores.

Natural cocktail based on orange juice, sparkling wine and liqueurs.

Agua de Valencia, served chilled, is the right drink for meeting friends, after lunch, celebrations and making toasts on very special occasions.

Agua de Valencia is generally served in jugs of several servings and drunk in a María Antonieta sinus type Champagne cup.

75 cl Bottle                                                      !! Minimum Order 3 Units ¡¡     

7,25 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description

A bit of history of Agua de Valencia

According to the writer María Ángeles Arazo in her book "Valencia Noche", Plaza & Janes - Barcelona 1978, in that time a group of travelers that frequently visited brewery Madrid used to ask "Agua de Bilbao", referring to the best sparkling of the house. Fed up with asking always the same, did dare the owner to offer them something completely new so he proposed to drink "Agua de Valencia". They agreed to taste the cocktail that Constante Gil prepared in that moment and never stopped drinking it in the following visits.

It only was a known drink for its smaller group of clients for a decade. It was not up to the 70's when it began to be known in the valencian night. It has become a very popular drink since then.

Agua de Valencia is worldwide known today and has given fame to Valencia and its oranges which are a very important component of the cocktail.