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Rosé Wine La mas bonita

       100% Monastrell

Place Name          Yecla

                             A fresh and elegant wine with acid touches the palate...
                   Subtle and delicate wine that is perfect for all kinds of dishes companion.

Bottle 75 cl.                                                             !! Minimum Order 2 Units ¡¡

7,87 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description

Vineyards and Wine-making

Strains over 25 years old with low yields.

Pre-fermentative cold maceration aging and lees in a storage tank for four months.

Tasting notes

Appearance: It boasts an intense cooper color, clean and bright.

Nose: Marked floral notes, fresh red berry with strawberry highlights, herbal undertones and a pineapple base.

Mouth: Good acidity on the palate with a sweet hin.

Alcohol Content


Drinking Temperature