Red wine Magnanimvs Platino
Red wine Magnanimvs Platino
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Red wine Magnanimvs Platino


  Cabernet, Merlot y Syrah

Place Name          IGP Castellon

Author's wine was the result of a multigeneration winemaking tradition.

Great wine, with excellent value for money.


75 cl. Bottle                                                                   " Minimum Order 3 Units "

12,00 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description


It stays in brand new highly toasted French oak barrels for over.


Fresh cherry in colour with high density.

In the nose, hints of blackberries in liqueur, toffee, cocoa, liquorice and pepper; shake to reveal a hint of balsam with notes pf cloves, nutmeg, chocolate praline and coffee. 

In de mouth, it is potent and broad, with an intense, rounded passage. Long, enveloping finish witch invites swallowing.

Alcoholic Content