Red Wine  Viña Castaro Crianza 2005
Red Wine  Viña Castaro Crianza 2005
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Red Wine Viña Castaro Crianza 2005

   58 Cabernet Sauvignon and 42 % Tempranillo

 Place Name     Utiel- Requena

6,50 €/unit
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Detailed description


Making and Ageing

Soft pressings with mosto/grape performance at 70%.

Long macerations under controlled temperatures (<26ºC) with two intense and short daily pumpings.

The maceration period is over 20 days up to the end of the fermentation.

Control of poliphenolic values.

Ageing in barrel : 8 months in new American oak barrel.

Ageing in bottle : 16 months.


At sight it is shown covered by a medium-high layer, red colour with some purple tone. Persistent tear in cup.

Clean nose in still glass and intense after shaking. At its start mature fruit notes highlight (blackberries and plums) which go giving way to other more complex ones lke spicies and liquorice. Wood very well integrated.

It is recommended its racking and ventilation before drinking. Big evolution in th cup. A balanced wine, complex and fleshy. It is a wine to taste and enjoy with its nuances.

Maturity and tuning will improve with its stay in bottle. It can be considered a wine for ageing since it promises an interesting evolution.

Alcoholic Content

 14 %

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