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Red Wine HU-HA


  100% Bobal

Place Name     Valencia


HU - HA is Chimo Bayo’s battle cry, a Valencian DJ par excellence of the Bacalao Route which marked an entire generation.


This technowine is a tribute to the '90s era, all the good things which were left by those wonderful years; mass hedonism, liberation, music, innovation, rebelliousness and good feeling above all. As the own Chimo Bayo would say “Hu - Ha is connect with people”. It is a straightforward invitation to enjoy life more.


Cheer it up with a good… ¡Hu - Ha!  

75 cl Bottle                                                            Minimum Order 2 Units !!

5,25 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description

Did you know that…

Our bobal grape has been carefully selected under the method “esta sí, esta no, esta me gusta me la como yo”. Just this way we can achive a technowine which in mouth produces a chiquitán chiquiti tan tan tan que tun bam bam que tun bam que tepe tepe tam pan pan que tun bam que pem" and this it is shown in the label.

Vineyards and Soils

Clay soils placed at the West of the Valencia Province at a height of 700 metres.

Vineyards grow in a continental environment influenced by the Mediterranean.


5 months in American and Hungarian oak barrel.


A high-layer cherry-red-colour wine with a violet-shaded rim.

Nose with good fruit and black like strawberries, raspberries and cassis. Silghtly toasts of the barrel with a spicy touch and something of liquorice.

Entrance in mouth os wide, greedy, fresh and with a perfect balance between the toats of the wood and the typical fruit of the bobal variety.

HU - HA is a technowine that produces in mouth a small “chiqui tán tan tan” which perfectly pairs with the essence of freedom of our land and the best dawns of the Mediterranean.

Alcoholic Content


Drinking Temperature