Red wine Especies Nativas Bobal
Red wine Especies Nativas Bobal
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Red wine Especies Nativas Bobal


  100% Bobal

Place Name      Valencia

Made by a group of young people who since their childhood were encouraged by their families and their hard work culture. That is why they have decided to go a little further in their way of living, forgetting the hurry and the stress that surrounds us in the cities and this way to recover the origins where land, handmade work and patience are not in conflict with modernity and youth.

75 cl Bottle 

9,95 €/unit
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Detailed description

Did you know that…

To Hacienda de la Pajarera to make wine is not a magic formula, it means adapting to the varieties, to the cycle of ripeness of the grape, to the making method and to a vintage well harmonized with the aim of getting the personal character which transmits our land.

It is fundamental to Hacienda La Pajarera that vine is balanced with its vegetation, low performance in production and grape ripening slowly thus better fruits are obtained and so better quality of the wines.

"We harvest manually in 10-12 kg crates and make grape be in its optimum in order to a later winemaking".

All ingrediente are combined in every havest with the changeless aim of getting the best quality and expression.          

Vineyard 60 years old.


Cold prefermentation maceration. Alcoholic fermentation in stainless steel tanks under controlled temperature. Malolactic fermentation in barrel.


14 months in French oak barrel.


Red cherry colour wine, cleaned and brilliant.

In nose we find aromas of red fruits, blackcurrant with spicy notes that remember its fourteen-months vintage in barrel.

In mouth it offers a good acidity which gives a very pleasant freshness to the wine. Medium - long end with memories to red fruits and spices.


An ideal red wine to pair roasts, stews, rice and grilled red meat.

Alcohol Content


Drinking Temperature

 14º - 16º