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Red Wine Monociclo, craft wine

 Tempranillo and Petit Verdot

Place Name     IGP Tierra de Castilla

Vintage             Selected Harvest 2015

Meet the project of four winemaker friends and enjoy the result as a very special wines of very short-run production.

75 cl Bottle

6,50 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description


Red wine Monociclo is made with the best grapes of vintage vineyards which are manually harvested at night time. Selection and transport to the winery are careful and at a low temperature.  Once in the winery a second selection takes place.

The tempranillo variety is obtained from vines more than one hundred years old and the Petit Verdot is very pampered along its growth. We are speaking about small harvests and craft production in order to get a great wine.

Fermentation of both varieties takes place in small tanks and separately. Ageing is short, staying in new French oak barrels for three months. In order to finish the fermentation of this author wine Monociclo, coupage of both varieties is carried out where proportions of Tempranillo and Petit Verdot are just right in order to get a very special wine. Bottling takes place with no fining, filtering and previous stabilization (special house seal) and so getting those authentic and true aromas and flavours that describe this wine.


No clarification, filtering and stabilization.

Three months in French oak barrel.


Red wine with a clean and brilliant colour.

If you move Monociclo in your cup, you will blend red and black fruit aromas with caramel, coffee and vanilla ones.

In mouth Monociclo offers the fruits and the cream caramel appears.

Alcoholic Content

     14 %

Drinking Temperature

 14º - 16º