Blue Wine Marques de Alcantara Chardonnay 1
Blue Wine Marques de Alcantara Chardonnay 3
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Blue Wine Marques de Alcantara Chardonnay

       100%  Chardonnay



75 cl Bottle                                                                                          


6,75 €/unit
TAXES included

Detailed description

Why is it blue?

After a 2 years hard work the Marqués de Alcántara team was able to obtain natural pigments of the skin of the grape through studies about the Chardonnay grape and red grapes which allowed to stabilize such pigments to make our blue wine.

In addition to get a very attractive colour, our system of cold fermentation boosts the aromatic characteristics of the variety increasing the quality of our wine. Along the process there has been always a maxim : do not alter the flavour of the wine 100 % Chardonnay.


In nose very expressive, very fruity, mango, skin of peach, apple and tropical.

In mouth entrance is soft and highly pleasant, fresh given to its high acidity, surrounding texture and once again a fruity aftertaste.


White fish and seafood, it can also pair with barbecued white meat, suckling pig or just as a snack where its expression is maximum.

Alcoholic Content


Drinking Temperature

 4º - 6º

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