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" The possession of anything begins in the mind "  Dream Line Rosé is a dream, a desire, a vision.

Dream Line is created for dreamers, for optimistic, innovative and fun people who know that there is nothing more important when opening a bottle than to get a smile and a sparkle in the eyes of the people with whom they share it.

Dream Line is magic, fantasy, fun, celebration, but above all it is a Dream.

To be alive is to have dreams. Dreams are on Dream Line. Share them with the people you love the most.

75 cl Bottle                                               " S O L D   O U T "                     


Detailed description

Did you know. . . .

The sparkling Dream Blue Sky is made with fresh must of the ancelotta and fortana grape variety. 

Tasting Notes

Translucent blue wine with vibrant and alluring hues. 

The fragrance is clean, fresh, fruity and floral, reminding one of violets and tropical fruits. With a long and intense flavor that is fresh, pleasant, spicy and sweet. The aftertaste is fruity and of fresh acidity.


Dream Line Blue Sky is a sparkling wine that you can enjoy at any time of the day. It perfectly combines with cold starters, vegetables, rice, white meats, fish, pizza and light pasta. You can also enjoy this Rosé with fine pasta.



Alcoholic Content


Drinking Temperature

  6º - 10º



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