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Red Wine D4

  Tempranillo, Bobal, Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon

Place Name    IGP Tierra de Castilla

Vintage Selected Harvest 2015

Meet the project of four winemaker friends and enjoy the result in a way of very special wines of very short production.

These four winemaker friends eagerly conceived the agreement to produce a wine with a unique personality, a wine that they desired to drink, which expressed the soul of their land and that gave compliment to the wishes of wine lovers.

75 cl Bottle  



 2014  Decanter World Wine Awards

12,20 €/unit 10,50 €/unit
TAXES included

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Did you know that…

The winery is placed at at El Picazo, province of Cuenca, at the Jucar riverside. Wine D4 owns its differentiation to excellent raw materials. Old vineyards where trough a nocturnal and manual harvest the best grapes are chosen and kept under low temperature up to the moment they are delivered to the winery.
Two varieties, Cabernet Savignon and Peti Verdot, are added to a more than 100 years old Bobal and Tempranillo vines, both natives at the place, which provide particular hints to the resulting wine for whose production are only used 12.000 Kg of grape. It is, we are speaking of few bottles and a lot of care during the process.


During the making every variety is separately fermented in small stainless tanks which allows a very artisanal preparation in which the best qualities of the grape are extracted. Malolactic fermentation takes place in new french oak barrels during 6 months which provides structure and roundness to the wine.

To finish the creation of this unique author wine Decuatro, the coupage is carried out with the four varieties in the chosen proportions to consecutively proceed to bottling without clarification, filtering and stabilization. This way aromas and flavours are kept and a very special characteristics are achieved.


Ageing during 6 months in new French oak barrels.


Clean and brilliant red wine with an intense incarnate and ginger colour. My violet and steel borders will give you an idea of the long journey that is still to cover. It you move me, you will see fine tears in your glass.

My life in barrel mixed red fruits with lactic, vanillas with roasted and a touch of pepper.

I will also fill your mouth with roasted and mature red fruits. I will cover your palate leaving lactic and spicy notes which will last for long time in all corners of your mouth.


Mi best partners are red meat, stews and cheese.

Taste me with sweets and I will surprise you.

Alcoholic Content

     14 %

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